Our Story

Invalog is committed to Organizing the World’s Possessions and adding value to Homeowners

About the Company:

Invalog is committed to Organizing the World’s Possessions and adding value to Homeowners.

The vision for Invalog is to provide an always free online cloud based, suite of organization and management tools concentrated on the homeowner, but available to anyone who owns possessions. Invalog finds its base in the organization of the home and the assets and possessions within. We believe a home is the largest financial investment of your life, although many services track the approximate value of the home, no service concentrates on all the possessions within the home and the improvements made to the home. At Invalog we view our innovative system as an always free service which provides a valuable tool to homeowners and delivers recommendations based on a home owners interests and needs. Invalog is so much more than a simple inventory management and organization tool, it provides maintenance tips, articles, cost savings plans, to do lists, financial management, it even helps you make money from your home! Why pay a fee when Invalog is always Free!

Our Story

It all started with an eclectic collection of art, furniture, gadgets and a massive binder of paperwork, receipts, warranty cards, instruction books, manuals, titles, mortgages and more. In short the binder grew into a box and a file cabinet.

Many people don’t save all the paperwork we did. But if they did they would find many savings within the warranties they discard. A friend replaced their hotwater tank twice in 4 years, we have not replaced ours in over 7 years! Why? Because at least once a year we connect a hose and drain the sediment from the water heater preventing corrosion and the need to replace a leaky hot water heating tank.

Having two decades experience in building websites and online applications, our team initially was made of close friends and has grown to others with similar interests. Marshalling our unique skills and resources we have created an innovative online cloud based internet application to organize and manage all our worldly possessions, track all our receipts and warranties, home maintenance and improvements as digital records. We even provide experiences on how we have learned to make money from our homes.

Invalog was born to organize the world’s possessions, and manage the complete home life cycle via a “cradle to the grave concept”, where users will engage with and utilize Invalog from the day they acquire their first possessions through the day they die.

As soon as we talked about our concept, people were asking where they could sign up and start using the service. We created the name Invalog, meaning Inventory Value Log. Through talking with friends and family we found many have had issues which Invalog would solve for them. Whether its fights with insurance companies over what they owned and its value in the cases of insurance claims or large learning curves as to what home maintenance they need to do to their homes, or suprise to learn all the ways that their home can pay them!

People talked about paying PMI (Personal Mortgage Insurance) for years after they could have stopped paying it had they known a few tricks to track their home improvements and their true home value. Others talked to us about budgeting and financial management of home improvements and how they saved thousands by being their own general contractor. Some told us how they tracked their landscaping increasing the value of their home through all the plantings they made. Still others shared experiences on making money from their home, through the new sharing economy and even in barely any out of pocket expenses to all but eliminate their energy bills! Having dozens of people begging to use the application we created for ourselves, we decided to create Invalog as the Always Free never pay a Fee … online cloud based organization tool for homeowners.

At Invalog we believe a person’s dwelling is their largest asset, and whether they own a home or rent a home they need a safe, secure, reliable, efficient online cloud based application service which saves time and money.

Invalog is the always Free, NEVER pay a fee, whole home and life organization and management solution, guaranteed to save you time and money. Join today, have more money and time to enjoy your life with friends and family.

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