What is a Home Inventory?
A home inventory is a complete breakdown of the contents within your home. A home inventory will help you provide a detailed list to your insurance agent of anything you may have lost if your home is damaged or destroyed in a covered claim. Under a standard homeowners insurance policy, contents coverage provides reimbursement for your personal belongings in your home.
What Does IV stand for?
IV is what Invalog calls Inventory Value, meaning the value of all your possessions. There are several values which are tracked, first there is the value of the items at time of purchase, then there is a value you have assigned the items (current value) and lastly based upon all our databases there is the recommended value you can achieve through sale of the asset. One of our taglines is “What’s your IV?” Meaning you should know your Inventory Value like you know other metrics about your life.
Why use Invalog?
Invalog’s system has been designed to take the stress and work out of creating your home inventory. Follow the simple instructions and in a few taps you will be on your way to creating and safely securing your home inventory. Once you start your home inventory you will need do it just once and continually use the app to keep it up to date. Invalog makes it easy to manage and organize all your possessions, saving you time and money! Invalog guarantees to save you money and make your life easier.
How is Invalog Free for the user?
Invalog will always remain an absolutely FREE service. Invalog believes in providing a worthwhile application to assist the world’s population with organizing, categorizing and tracking their possessions. When and if the need arises Invalog's unique and proprietary algorithms
What can I track using Invalog?
Invalog is perfect for tracking ALL your possessions. Whether you are tracking your furniture, kitchen supplies, books, art, electronics, Invalog is also perfect for tracking all your clothing and through the Invalog Vault you can track all your important documents and photos.
Are my pictures and inventory private?
YES! 100% Private and encrypted until you choose to share pictures of your items through social media or you choose to list your items for sale. All photos and document inventory uploaded to your Invalog Vault cannot be shared as an extra security precaution.
What is the Invalog Vault?
The Invalog Vault is a special section of your Invalog account where you can feel extra safe uploading pictures of your identification, passport, birth and marriage certificates, mortgage, car titles other property titles and other important documents which you will want to maintain a record of in case of manmade or natural disaster. The Invalog Vault requires multiple factor authentication to access and is stored with extra encryption to prevent miss-use. The Invalog Vault also can contain your electronic will information for bequests of assets copies of life insurance policies etc.
What is the Warranty Tracker?
You have the option of providing warranty information for each item you add to your Inventory. When you add an item you can provide the date of purchase, a photo of the receipt, and even warranty information. When and if a problem arises with an item you have in your home inventory, make Invalog your first stop to check and see if the item is under warranty! The warranty tracker also provides “push notifications” in app to remind you when certain warranties expire and offer you extended warranties to those expensive items. Invalog also provides statistical data on the reliability of certain items so you can make better buying decisions. Warranty Tracker will save you money by assisting you with filing warranty claims and like our Maintenance Tracker you can even request expert assistance with repairing an item whether in or out of warranty.
What is the Maintenance Tracker and scheduler?
Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter there are many items in your dwelling which require regular maintenance. As the old adage goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The goal of the Maintenance Tracker is to make recommendations automatically and allow you to add custom maintenance scheduling and tracking to items in your home. Examples could be flushing your hot water heater, changing filters in your heating / air conditioning system, performing furnace maintenance, cleaning gutters, thawing your freezer, even computer maintenance. The goal of of the automatically included Maintenance Tracker and Scheduling system is to make your possessions last longer and need less repair. If you don’t have the time or epxertise to perform the maintenance suggested on your possessions, appliances or home infrastructure, worry not simply tap the help button and an Invalog specialist will be available to make recommendations or even schedule an expert to take care of maintenance for you.
What is the Manuals Tracker?
Every-time you buy a new appliance, electronic, virtually anything they all come with manuals some companies even provide CD ROM's with their instructions and more and more people do not have CD drives on their computers. No one likes hunting for the instruction manual nor searching the internet to find the instruction manual. Invalog has already thought of this problem and has worked to maintain a massive database of manuals on various household possessions. You also have the ability to add a manual and assign it to an item in your inventory. Our mission with the Manual Tracker is to have manuals, instructions and tips and tricks on everything in your home. Our tips and tricks and repair interactive chat and manual location system uses various keywords and phrases to direct you to the best assistance for your particular challenge.
What is the Home Equity Tracker?
Exactly what it sounds like the Equity in your home. You can add your original purchase price, amount you put down, mortgage information, and the Equity Tracker will track all your purchases in your Invalog Inventory which are part of your home equity, for example a home improvement project of purchase of new sink and toilet for your bathroom, as you pay down your home mortgage, as home values increase around your home. You can set alerts to be notified when your LTV or home equity reaches a predefined point. Imagine waking up one morning and receiving a push notification alert that Invalog has tracked your home equity and based upon home improvements, paying down of your mortgage and rising home values around you, there is a good chance you no longer have to pay PMI (Personal Mortgage Insurance), not only will Invalog notify you via an in app Alert of the Equity change in your home, Invalog will also make suggestions based upon your needs to refinance your home, eliminating your PMI or refinance to take advantage of cash out or perhaps apply for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) on your home preserving your great interest rate on your primary home loan.
Where does the Invalog logo originate?
Like everything there is a good story behind the Invalog Logo. The Circle with the dot in the center is to signify “GONE HOME”, as Invalog is based around everything about your home and specifically the possessions in your home. The circle with the dot in the center is taken from a symbol created by Robert Baden-Powell the founder of the Boy Scouts. His gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the centre, which is the trail sign for "Going home", or "I have gone home". The Circle with the dot in the center was adopted as the universal symbol for Invalog.