Home Improvements

Save time and money by planning, organizing and documenting your equity building home improvements.

Improvements for Successful Equity Building

Document, Price Compare, Shop/Buy and Budget Improvements

From room remodels, new appliances and upgrades, built-ins, new interior design (window coverings to paint and flooring), even landscaping projects (pools, spas, bbq stations, outdoor kitchens); Invalog is the ALWAYS FREE NEVER PAY A FEE project management application guaranteed to save you time and money.

home upgrades
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Home Improvements Features

Virtual General ContractorSave thousands managing the project yourself using the “virtual general contractor”, from contracts to receipts, warranties even before and after pictures.

UpdatesUpdate your home inventory, maintenance schedules, home value with the click of a button as each stage of the project is installed and completed.

Offset capital gainsOffset capital gains on the future sale of your property by tracking improvement value reducing your tax basis.

Highlights to ListingsHighlight completed projects, on an Invalog Home listing, either FSBO or by realtor.

Import FilesInstantly import permits, warranties, receipts, manuals, even photos to your permanent Invalog management app.

Manage ProjectsManage multiple projects simultaneously and integrate with Invalog financial tools for budgeting, and gantt charts.

5 Basic Steps to Successful Improvement Projects

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Why pay a Fee? When you
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