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Inventory management and organization solution

It's actually a 2-in-1 solution

Invalog smartly helps you separate the different types of home inventory you have from personal possessions (items that move with you) to fixed assets which stay with the home. Home Inventory management solution was INVALOG’s flagship product solution, everything throughout INVALOG is built upon the home inventory system. Whether you use the home inventory management tools to facilitate moving, storage, insurance purposes, raise money when needed from your assets, increase the value of your home, make home maintenance tasks easier, it all starts with setting up your home inventory both personal possessions and fixed home assets.

Are you overwhelmed by taking your home inventory? You know you need one but have just barely started? Do you need an INVALOG Pro to come and assist you with starting your home inventory? Never Fear INVALOG Pro is here!
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Home Inventory Features

Fixed AssetsEasily show off your home’s fixed assets on an INVALOG listing whether through a realtor or FSBO

SearchEasily search your inventory from anywhere through INVALOG’s cloud based retrieval system

ReportsEasy to user reports allow you to export lists and files to insure your items with riders etc.

Pre-populated inventoryPre-populated inventory lists and templates get you started on the right foot, depending on the types of rooms in your dwelling.

Insurance ClaimsMake insurance claims a snap through itemized reports; be ready in the case of needing to file a police report or claim

Quick UploadQuickly upload and use the Invalog “T.A.G.” system on photos, videos, documents, receipts, manuals, warranties and more

How Inventory Works

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Did you know?

More than 70% of people do not have a Home Inventory!

Out of those with a home inventory it is not updated nor complete. Having a home inventory ensures you are not under‐insured, or over-insured, that you and your family are prepared for claims. You'll know what items need on-going maintenance. You'll know your true net worth and can easily sell items when you need to raise money.

Have more than half the work done when you're ready to move or need extra room and need to place items in storage.

A good home inventory also works well with estate planning, it even works to save you on capital gains and your tax basis when you go to sell your property.

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