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Secure Warranty Tracking and Registration by INVALOG

Warranty Tracking and Registration is very important to reducing the cost of your appliance, equipment, system, item over time.
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How Warranty Tracker Works


Choose Item or Appliance.

Every item in your inventory has the option to add warranty information. It is found inside the documents section of the inventory item.


Enter Warranty Information

Upload the warranty card and add serial number(s), any contracts or warranty information, claim information, phone numbers, and email etc.


Track and Receive Reminders

You get an alert for when, the warranty is close to expiration date. You can always renew the warranty from within the INVALOG app.

Warranty claim information

Invalog has additionally created a warranty claim information dashboard, giving you some of the basic tools to file, monitor and track your warranty claim including sending alerts based on your personal experience with the manufacturer or warranty provider!

What happens if your warranty expires? Another great feature of the INVALOG warranty tracking service is when you enter your warranty information you can enter the expiration date, typically a date far in the future. The INVALOG system will send you reminders 90, 60, 30, 15 days prior to the expiration of the warranty. Additionally INVALOG will send you recommendations if avaialable from reliable after-market (after-purchase) warranty providers who may offer you a compelling deal for an “extended warranty” on the product.

How does INVALOG send these reminders? Through a series of different contact methods which you sent within your INVALOG user control center. These methods include: email, push mobile notifications, text messages, desktop notifications, even integrated google calendar alerts, INVALOG’s job is to make sure you are aware on a warranty expiration prior to the expiration, so it’s one less thing you have to remember or even think about.

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