Home Maintenance Automated

Saves time and money.

Maintenance Features

Stay healthy and happy with the peace of mind that you won’t have home systems break down unexpectedly. Avoid the dreaded early replacement costs of expensive appliances and home systems. A healthy home is a happy home.

CalendarGoogle Calendar integration for cross platform notifications.

AutomationAutomatic Google calendar insertions based on to do tasks

NotificationsCross Platform push notifications on mobile and desktop & email reminders

To Do ListsAutomatically created To Do lists (honey-to-do list) based on your individual home needs

TrackTrack costs, repairs, system replacements, integrate to financial tools reducing the tax basis of your property

Check ListDIY (Do-It-Yourself) library of seasonal checklists based on your home's geographic location.

How Maintenance Works

Maintenance Screen shot

Choose Item or Appliance.

You can add maintenece to any item, appliance, or house systems & equipments like AC, and hot water boiler.


Schedule Maintenance

Schedule all maintenance activities to the calendar for when it's due.


Complete Task

You get an alert for when, the maintenance task is close to due date. Once completed, simply check it off.

Maintenance Automated

Keeping a home's value.

Home maintenance automated, saves time and money money, logging all maintenance activities and reminding you when maintenance is due. Maintenance Automated avoids early or sudden replacement costs. Maintenance Automated reduces risk of loss, saves money on utilities, adding value to your home. A healthy home is a happy home.

Have you flushed your hot water heater, changed your air filters, cleaned your dryer vent lately? Do you not have the time or knowledge to DIY (Do-It-Yourself)? No Problem. Invalog Concierge Can set you up with complimentary home maintenance visit!
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