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Buyers want and need more information about a home before they visit it, in the information age standing out among properties for sale is a challenge. Be different tell more with unlimited pictures, videos and content about the home you're proud of. An Invalog Listing will break through the information overload and qualify potential purchasers before they waste their time and yours visiting your home.

Property VendorsKnow who all the utility providers are and any other vendors or service providers which the selling homeowner utilizes.

Documents Links InfoShare any document, link or info you decide to share from: floor plans, to manuals, videos, warranties, neighborhood stats and anything else about the property.

Features of the HomeItemize each fixed asset where they are located. Provide close up photos, brand names of appliances & equipment, important documents like owner’s manuals and warranties.

Home ImprovementsHighlight home remodel projects with photos, before and after, documents, items purchased, even receipts and dates completed with the costs, all this information is cross referenced from other sections of Invalog.

Maintenance AutomatedProvide potential buyers a complete annual schedule of recommended maintenance checklists. Even provide a complete home health report via a maintenance history log report.

Room by Room TourUnlimited Photos and Videos of each and every room, space and area of the home, with dimensions, and a description of each space.

How Invalog Listings Work

Homeowners have three options with Invalog Listings:

The homeowner creates the Invalog Listing and hires a real estate agent to sell their house, Invalog provides recommendations


The homeowner hires an Invalog Pro to create an Invalog Listing and uses a preferred Realtor with pre-negotiated commission


The homeowner creates the Invalog Listing and sells their home themselves with the Invalog FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sales assistance engine.

Selling your home

Selling your home For Sale with a Realtor has their own challenges and limitations.

When selling through a Realtor, their hands are typically tied to their personal website, small client list and the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) the MLS leaves much to be deserved with regards to ease of use and functionality. A realtor is forced to use very specific information when listing in the MLS.

Selling your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

When selling FSBO you still need a website, a full listing, contact form, marketing assistance etc.

Invalog’s Listing system is perfect for you whether you are FSBO or selling through a Realtor, as an Invalog listing provides lots more information, usability and functionality than the MLS. With Invalog you can upload unlimited pictures and videos, show all your home improvements in detail, show home maintenance logs, reports and suggested on-going maintenance for the home, and much more.

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