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Marketing and Lead Acquisition for Realtors

As a Realtor you need to stand out and have a competitive marketing advantage to reach new leads (buyers and sellers) gain more listings, find more buyers and do more closings!
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Are you a realtor looking for more leads, increasing your listings and closings? Looking for a competitive marketing advantage?
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Realtor Master Account Program information

There are many real estate lead generation companies trying to supply realtors with both buyers and sellers. You need a real competitive edge so clients will seek you out and want to work exclusively with you! You are probably already using one if not many of the following lead generation providers:


You must belong to, MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is exclusive to agents and typically has property data but a rigid format that must be adhered to. INVALOG Realtor is not meant to replace MLS, but rather compliment it, MLS is not compatible from state to state, it is a completely different operation and or organization in every state, MLS is a legacy system and very much behind the times …

Many of you Realtors also belong to agencies / groups / trade organizations

Why pay a Fee when you can do it your self for free!

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